An experienced engineer, systems architect, innovator and technologist, with strong leadership and technical skills in developing solutions and deploying large scale systems across a variety of industries. In depth knowledge of systems and software architecture, design, development, deployment and operations. Capable of growing and leading teams in both development and operational environments.

Specialities: System architecture and design. Deploying and operating massively scalable solutions. Software mentoring and team building. Implementing appropriate software methodologies, technologies and tools. Problem solving in high risk operational environments.

Accepted Talks:

Listen to the Snake

Python is a great tool that's used in the music industry, anything from low level protocol support and device integration to streaming and application automation. My talk will focus on:


  • What is it? How does it work?
  • CC - Control Change messages and how they are used in modern controllers / devices
  • Mido - MIDI Objects for Python


  • What is Open Sound Control?
  • Live OSC and controlling Live from a mobile device
  • PyOSC
  • Ableton Live and Controllerism

Introduction to Ableton

  • Ableton's Live Object Model
  • Python remote scripts and Ableton's API
  • Demo: -- Creating a new python remote script for a controller -- Changing the state of the controller -- Kicking off an action from the controller to Ableton using the LOM

Internet Radio

  • What is Darkice
  • What is Icecast
  • Audio signal programming with Liquidsoap
  • Tying it all together with Airtime and Python